Generalist Reel 2015


Bloom Animatic

Ok so within UIW’s ANGD (animation and game design) program, juniors take a class called Production 1, where each student comes up with three ideas for a animated short or one idea for a game. For the narrative side, as a class, go through each students stories and choose one for them to do. Then the whole semester is devoted to character design, modeling said characters, rigging those characters, set design, modeling that set, UVing and texturing everything, then coming up with the animatic. After that, the next semester is devoted to full animation and rendering. This is my animatic, and I call it “BLOOM”. I hope you enjoy it!
PS. as a heads up, somethings are a bit wonky cause I am still learning, and that is just an animatic, so some things may not come across as well as I want.